Month: January 2006

According to News.Com.AU, QANTAS is being taken to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission over their decision to use the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles for crew. They claim that downtown LA is not safe. What startled me was

Right now I feel like a back massage… For some reason my upper back is slightly sore… I guess I have been sitting down too much today. I think I need a new work chair too… The one I have

I think today has been fairly successful. I have managed to get most of the things done that I wanted to get done. Sure, I would have liked to do a bit more driving to test trackers, but apart from

When I first bought this laptop I found a piece of 1″ high aluminium extrusion and used this with a piece of neoprene to raise up the rear of the laptop so that it would be better for typing ergonomically.

Internet Explorer 7 still has some issues… If you (accidently) close the Internet Explorer window, all your tabs close. And to make this worse, there is no facility to save the state of the standard tabs. Firefox does have the

I am just waiting for some reports to finish running so that I can do some more programming… I could just disable the daily emailed reports, or have the reports run on another machine, but I have not got that

One of my clients is moving back into his house today… I did the communications wiring in it after it was damaged by fire. I am not expecting to hear from him today, but you never can tell… I am

Just after the last entry the PC got worse… Internet Explorer crashed as well as Outlook. Once these applications die you know that the computer needs to be restarted – it is just better that way. I did a small

Occasionally windows fails in some strange and unusual ways. For instance, at the moment I have the compiler for the CPU on the tracker open. Of course this program has its own icon. However at the moment the windows taskbar

One of my clients has been suggesting tons of new features for my TeamTrack software – and has even gone as far to purchase a copy of Crystal Reports so he can edit his own reports – and he is

I am actually getting things done today… Emails answered and software written. I just had my first phone call of the day… 12:30PM… That is what I call a quiet day. Not that I am complaining – it is good

I think I have just created two of the worlds most bizzare mailing tubes. I am not sure that Australia post is going to like them, but they do comply with requirements. I am selling some antennas on eBay, and

One of the unintended consequences of tidying my desk is that I now have a couple of speakers evenly on both sides of my laptop so I am now getting the full stereo effect in music. It really is surprising

I have to love some of my clients… One of them was telling me how to use my software in a more productive manner last night, and asked if he wanted to send me the instructions WITH SCREEN SHOTS! Like,

I did not quite get as much work done today as I had hoped. There are always distractions. But things did not go too badly. I just need to hope testing goes well tomorrow when I do some field trials.