I have to love some of my clients… One of them was telling me how to use my software in a more productive manner last night, and asked if he wanted to send me the instructions WITH SCREEN SHOTS! Like, WOW. And he did a good job. Now I just need to pull that into the manual. This type of thing makes my job so much easier. I wish more clients would do this for me… Then I would not need to work 🙂

The Week Magazine has an article describing the schools of thought on the time front between the Atomic Time and Astronomic Time. Basically in Astronomic Time the time should be tied to the rotation of earth, since earth speeds and slows. This article is a consise description about the advantages and disadvantages of both schemes.

The Globe And Mail has a story of the RIM versus NTP court case over patents. RIM sell the Blackberry mobile device and have been sued for patent infringement. This has turned into a billion dollar problem for RIM who believe that there are no patents for the technology they are using. The story is a rather interesting read.

Back to work for me I guess… Lots of emails to send, and other work to do… The To DO list is certainly getting a strong workout.