Radioactive Networks believes in LINUX for servers. We have been using
LINUX more that most people in the IT industry. In fact we have been using
it longer than most LINUX users anywhere. Radioactive Networks was hacking
MINIX kernels when LINUS was writing his to fix the problems of the MINIX

Here are some messages from the USENET group comp.os.linux dating
from 1992 – mostly relating to kernel hacking… This was around the same
time that Linus was starting to hack the LINUX kernel. Puts me in some
interesting company.

From: D Smith (drsmith@uts.EDU.AU)
Subject: using com ports 3 and 4
Newsgroups: comp.os.minix
Date: 1992-04-14 05:36:11 PST

Has anyone had any experiance with connecting com ports 3 and 4 to
minix with patches? I know that if these ports are on seperate interupt
lines it should not be hard, but I am new to minix.

Some serial cards let com ports be assigned to any interupt - such
as com 3 being on int 5 and com 4 being on int 9 ( or int 2 on an xt)

The kernel would then only need to be re-written to accepts these interupts
as serial devices...

Any help would be useful - If there are any solutions gained I will post them

darryl smith

Electricity commision of NSW    --

From: D Smith (drsmith@uts.EDU.AU) Subject: Solution - Com ports 3 and 4 - Beta test Newsgroups: comp.os.minix Date: 1992-04-27 02:51:53 PST Hi there ..... I have been able to use all 4 com ports on my computer at home - Using separate interupts for each line. I have the patches uuencoded avaliable through email. If anyone would like a copl please email me. I will post the patches when the bugs are out. Darryl Smith
From: D Smith (drsmith@uts.EDU.AU) Subject: Login Question - Bug? Newsgroups: comp.os.minix Date: 1992-05-11 12:48:32 PST I have been doing some playing arround with my hacked Minix and hav tried the following login drsmith & Where the account drsmith has no password... What i get is (when run from root) is a single shell for the person where one command may be executed before it returnd to the root prompt but more importantly is the result whan I get a who. I get a result showing that drsmith is logged in on tty3 (not unusual for my system) and the process number of my shell. However when I kill -9 -9 and then re-login doing the same thing - These names (drsmith) are still logges on with the same process - and if i repeat the procedure the process number of these stupid logins are all identical and equal to the shell I have since killed. Any solutions? Is this a doccumented Bug? darryl
From: D Smith (drsmith@uts.EDU.AU) Subject: Re: tty2 and modem Newsgroups: comp.os.minix Date: 1992-06-02 21:56:54 PST (Timothy Murphy) writes: >> I'd like to know how to use a modem under minix using tty2 instead of tty1 >> (com2 instead of com1). I have to modify term.c and...? >> rs232.c? tty2?Please tell me,If you know! >I don't think you have to modify anything. >Look at the manual entry for kermit (p244). >You have to say >set line /dev/tty2 >either within kermit, or in .kermrc . >Note that you must set the line to the correct speed too, >before starting kermit, as in I actually run my modem from tty4 (or tty3) I have some patched and I think I posted them to the net just after easter. If anyone wants the patches just yell - If I dont reply in 3 days yell again. I could be haveing some problem with mail going missing. darryl smith