Radioactive Networks have two Satellite options depending on the cost operational requirements for the solution. The first solution is under five cents per position report, but may take 2-3 hours for the position report to come through. The other solution costs about 25 cents per position report, but offers reports within five minutes.
With a latency of under five minutes our geostationary satellite solution will often fill the your satellite tracking need. Not only does this solution support normal tracking, but it can also send alarms for things such as low oil pressure on an earth moving excavator, or send back the fuel level which may be important with rising oil costs. What makes our solution unique is our full integration with the TeamTrack software.

This integration does not only include things such as tracking and telemetry, but also the ability to poll a vehicle for its position remotely, as well as enable or disable it.

Below we have included part of a screen image captured from the TeamTrack application. The left hand boxes show that the first and the last two vehicles have their engines turned on. The 2nd last vehicle aslo as has a telemetry alarm that has activated. The bar graph on the right hand side shows the current fuel levels in these vehicles. Only two of these vehicles have the fuel sensor fitted which is why the other vehicles are reading 0%.

TeamTrack Screen showing
Telemetry and Fuel Levels

When choosing a supplier you should ask what experience the company has in the area. Radioactive Networks key staff have built and operated satellite base stations from scratch, and keeps in close contact with a number of satellite designers and builders.