Radioactive Networks is pleased to present some of their projects below to give you an idea of what we can do for you. Bear in mind that because of various non-disclosure agreements not all our projects appear here.

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Sydney Olympics Work
Article written for Radio and Communications Magazine on my work on the Sydney Olympics. Contains behind the scenes secrets on the how the Olympics worked.
Sydney Olympics Diary My diary of the 2000 Olympics. What did I do day to day during my five weeks? My diary contains all the details

Sydney Olympics Photos
Photos of the Olympics

Sydney Paralympics
2000 Paralympics – To Be Completed

Sydney Paralympics
2000 Paralympics – To Be Completed
Ironman IronMan Hawaii 2002

Weatherstation for Ironman
IronMan Hawaii 2002 Weather Station


Sony Processional Interface
Sony Professional Video Camera control interface

3D Visualisation with APRS for Hollywood Hollywood Studio REZN8 works with Radioactive Networks creating an interactive 3D environment

Paper on Hollywood work
Paper on the work

MP3 Jukebox
Mp3 Jukebox

Pan and Tilt Remote Control
Remote Controlled Pan and Tilt controller for Lateral Linking
Synchronised Beacon System Synchronised Beacon and Field Strength monitoring system

Firewall Embedded Controller

Spead Spectrum Engineering Thesis
Yoke Home Brew Flight Simulator Yoke

AES LED Sign Software Software for LED signs
AES LED Sign Software  Software for LED signs

AES LED Pager Software
Pager control of LED signs

Pager control of LED signs

Weathalert System Repair of the Sydney Weathalert base station