EtherTrack Ethernet Tracking

Experts in Tracking – EtherTrack for 10/100/1000baseT

From the designer of the HawkTrak GPRS and CDMA comes the EtherTrack. The EtherTrak is a new concept in tracking. Rather than include a radio interface, the EtherTrack contains only the GPS hardware with an Embedded Rabbit controller with an Ethernet interface. With an Ethernet Interface, the EtherTrack is able to leverage on existing mobile wireless interfaces with an Ethernet Interface.

Like the HawkTrak, the EtherTrack is an advanced GPS tracking unit designed right here at Radioactive Networks. We believe that this unit will provide for not only your present needs, but will be upgradable to meet your future requirements. It is a state of the art tracking unit, ready to be upgraded to whatever tomorrow brings. As the designers of the HawkTrak, only Radioactive Networks can provide you with the unique features your business needs.

The EtherTrack is not just a Tracking Unit. It is a suite of products that are designed to work together and provide a product direction moving to the future. With a separate plug-in processor board, we are able to significantly increase the capabilities of the unit whilst maintaining your core investment in hardware and software. As new processors come in and memory gets cheaper you can upgrade the processor module to gain new capabilities.