OziWay Software


Quick Waypoints for OziExplorer

OziWay – Quick Waypoints for OziExplorer allows a waypoint to be added by pressing only a key on the keypad. Any of the numbers can be assigned to a different icon.

In order to use the program

  • Start OziExploer and start using the GPS as you would normally
  • Start OziWay
  • Edit any waypoints as required.
  • Select Disable Editing
  • press any number key to add a waypoint.

Advanced Version

Radioactive Networks will soon be releasing an advanced version of the OziWay software that will upload the waypoints to the TeamTrack server, or to a GIS System.


You can download a copy of OziWay from here.


This software was written following a request by a person who needed this software, and felt that it should be available for others. Radioactive Networks have therefore released this product into the public domain.