2000 Olympics


Sydney Olympics Work

Article written for Radio and Communications Magazine
on my work on the Sydney Olympics. Contains behind the
scenes secrets on the how the Olympics worked.

Sydney Olympics Diary
My diary of the 2000 Olympics. What did I do day to day
during my five weeks?
My diary contains all the details

Sydney Olympics Photos

hotos of the Olympics

UI-View Log Files

Log 15-Sep-2001
Triathlon Rehearsal

Log 16-Sep-2001
Womens Triathlon

Log 17-Sep-2001

Mens Triathlon

Log 20-Sep-2001
Marathon Rehearsal / Test

Log 21-Sep-2001
Maintain Bike Rehearsal / Test

Log 21-Sep-2001

Race Walk Rehearsal / Test

Log 22-Sep-2001

Mountain Bike Rehearsal

Log 24-Sep-2001
Womens Marathon

Log 24-Sep-2001
Mens Mountain Bike

Log 25-Sep-2001

Road Cycling Rehearsal

Log 26-Sep-2001

Womens Road Cycling

Log 27-Sep-2001

Mens Road Cycling

Log 28-Sep-2001
Womens 20KM Walk

Log 29-Sep-2001

Mens 50KM Walk

Log 30-Sep-2001

Time Trial Cycling

Log 1-Oct-2001
Mens Marathon