Stand Alone GPS Tracking Unit

is a GPS position encoder which, when connected to a GPS and a radio,
will transmit its location at an adjustable rate.
It works by modulating the GPS data into tones that can be transmitted
through any radio system – UHF, VHF, Trunked. If you are looking for a
tracking system using another technology you may like to look at our Choosing page.
OpenTracker is a construction project providing an inexpensive way to build a
mobile tracker without the need for a full TNC.
It is configured by connecting to a computer’s serial port, and running a
simple configuration tool which allows setting of all user options.

OpenTracker includes the following features :-


OSI Certified Open Source Software

   FLASH memory allows firmware to be updated or replaced in seconds

   On-board temperature and battery voltage sensors

   Counter function – count input signals with optional reset on transmit

   Uses the same cables as the Kantronics KPC-3/3+ and Byonics TinyTrak3

   SmartBeaconing support for adaptive transmit rate

   APRS support for position, course/speed, altitude, symbol, and comment

   APRS compressed position formats (optional)

   1200 baud and 300 baud firmware versions available

   Uses any combination of $GPRMC, $GPGGA, and $GPGLL NMEA sentences


Quartz crystal clock source for excellent temperature stability

   Dual configuration support – selectable by jumper, voltage, altitude, speed,
or temperature

   Can report number of satellites in use and HDOP

   Low voltage inhibit to prevent draining car batteries when unattended

Usually the OpenTracker is connected to the microphone input of a radio
(generally a 2-meter handheld or mobile.) Data from a GPS receiver gets
encoded and transmitted in APRS format, and in many parts of the world
there’s an extensive digipeater and gateway network that’ll get the data
onto the Internet. From there you can access it through websites like
OpenAPRS, APRS World and

It has onboard temperature and voltage sensors, and it’ll also connect to a
number of different weather stations, including the 1-Wire weather
instrument from AAG.

The OpenTracker is a transmit-only device. It can’t receive or decode any
data itself. If you’re using the APRS network and you’ve got Internet
access, you don’t even need to decode anything off the air – IGate stations
will do that for you. For other applications, the simplest way to start
receiving data is to install a soundcard modem program like AGWPE, and
simply connect a scanner or radio to your computer’s audio input.

Free firmware updates are released on a regular basis to add new features.
Upgrading the firmware version, or switching between tracking and weather
firmware (or any other special purpose firmware) is easily done through a
serial cable using the configuration program.

See the hardware section for schematics and board layout files if you want
to build your own unit from scratch, or buy a kit or assembled unit from the
online store.


OpenTracker Pricing
OpenTracker Kit – A$70

Includes a OpenTracker chip, PCB, and all components excluding cables.
Includes Case. With large 5V regulator

OpenTracker Chip – A$35

Replacement IC
OpenTracker Built and Tested – A$110

For those not interested in soldering together the kit. Case included.
OpenTracker Case – A$10

The OpenTracker is designed to fit this translucent plastic case.
The case is pre-cut with holes for the DB-9 connectors. Also suits the WeatherTrak and the TinyTrak3.
Programming Cable – A$10

OpenTracker3 Female To Female Gender Changer needed to connect a OpenTracker to the computer for
GPS for OpenTracker – A$176


A cheap GPS with integrated voltage regulator to plug straight into the
Postage – A$5

Postage per order

After ordering a kit or a chip, be sure to download
the configuration software and documentaion.
You can view the files HERE

Postage – $A5

NOTE: This is *PER ORDER*, not per item.


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When ordering please provide an email address so that I can advise when the
units have been shipped.

Gender Changer Null Modem Adapter
is needed to connect a OpenTracker to a computer.

GPS to Suit

Haicom Hi-204 series waterproof – $180