Radioactive Networks team with REZN8

RADIOATCIVE Networks teams with

Radioactive Networks teamed with REZN8 to create a demonstration of real time 3D computer graphics rendering combined with the acquisition of GPS position data from the field.

The demonstration for a multi-national company placed GPS receivers on two highly modified scooters. These scooters were then driven by two of the companies management in a race of wits.

Radioactive Networks provided all GPS receivers and data transmission equipment for the project. REZN8 provided the Computer Graphics hardware and software for the project.

About REZN8:
REZN8, founded in 1987, is a premier digital design and communications company, and is one of the leading creative studios in the field of computer graphics, design and animation across a trans-media landscape. The company services a broad spectrum of domestic and international clients in several distinctive media platforms including broadcast, film, advertising, broadband and videogames. REZN8 produces award- winning visuals resulting in distinctive Graphical User Interface packages (GUI), unique company branding and enhanced viewer experiences. REZN8’s clientele include ABC, AT&T, CBS, Cisco, Citibank, ESPN, Ford, FOX, General Motors, Intel, Microsoft, Sony, Sprint, Turner Broadcasting, Warner Bros and WebTV. REZN8 is headquartered in Hollywood, California.

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