MP3 Jukebox – 2000

Radioactive Networks has now completed a significant amount of work on its MP3 Jukebox running the ‘Open Source’ LINUX Operating System. The Jukebox includes over 20 GBytes of storage as well as an IR Remote Control, Four Line LCD display and Internet access.

Two versions of the MP3 playse software are available :-

    • A version running on the LCD with an IR Remote Control
    • A version running through a WWW browser offering an upgraded  User Interface.

LCD and IR Remote based Jukebox

The code for my original jukebox can be found here . It is written in PERL,  and is not a great example of my programming. I fully admit that the code is  a complete hack – it evolved to what it is now. The software relies on the LCDproc package for display, rxaudio for playback, and LIRC for the remote control. 

WWW Browser Access

The WWW based version of the Jukebox is based on the goMP package from the Gautier Taravella  When we examined this software, we found  that although it provided a basic user interface, it did not supply the required functionality. Features such as advanced play list management were missing. 

The software was also integrated with the XAUDIO toolkit, leading
to us  improving the playlist capability of the software

You may be able to access a demo copy of the software on

This copy WILL NOT play,  but you can get an idea of the playlist support for instance.

NOTE: This software prefers NETSCAPE since it actually implements NPH far better than MicroSoft.