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OziAPRS has been upgraded

For more information check out our pages describing netAPRS

Registration Code

Whilst I have been asking for $20 for the software, it is no longer being maintained. Therefore I am now releasing the registration code. If you want to donate let me know, but don't feel an obligation to. The details for the registration code are:
Your registered Email Address is OZIAPRS and your Registration Key is 9bb485ed001F. Please enter these into the Registration Menu of the Software Product. This is for OziAPRS. NetAPRS does not need a rego

Dateline: 2-May-2004.

In the last few weeks, we at Radioactive Networks have released the successor to our flagship OziAPRS software - a program called netAPRS. Whilst we have no desire to stop distributing OziAPRS, it is our intent to stop active development of the program to concentrate on netAPRS.

We will still be maintaining and supporting both products until further notice. So if you are using OziAPRS, feel free to continue using it. Or upgrade. It is up to you.


Distributed Positioning for OziExplorer

OziAPRS - APRS for OziExplorer for OziExplorer that allows positions created on one OziExplorer terminal to appear on all other OziExplorer terminals on the network.

View a screen dump HERE

Looking for an in-car GPS/GPRS tracking unit with display? If so click on the link to our In-Car Tracking Unit and Message Terminal.

Radioactive Networks then worked out that getting positions from other computers running the OziExplorer software did not provide a very good incentive to invest in the software, so we extended it to allow GPS receivers in the field to send their data back directly to the OziAPRS network. This would include devices such as

   WMCS M110 GPRS Tracking Unit

   Byonics TinyTrak III Radio Tracking Modem

   Any AX25 radio modem

   Almost any TCP/IP wireless GPS units

   Almost any laptop with a GPS and wireless Internet

   No TNC needed with the AGWPE interface

   Accepts data from WinCE trackers thanks to NetGPS

OziAPRS is a part of a FULL GIS system that allows moving objects to be tracked in real time and displayed on networked computers. The software will soon have the ability to contact other OziAPRS stations and track their positions in real time


The capabilities of OziAPRS include :-

   Display positions in OziExplorer gathered over the Internet

   Distribute GPS positions from GPS units attached to OziExplorer

   Operate as a server for other OziAPRS clients to connect creating a GPS position network.

   Downloads APRS positions from APRS compliant internet servers

   Track any internet position as a TRACK in OziExplorer

   Display internet positions in sortable table format.

   Handle MAP files>50MB and zoom from 25% to 800% and a large number of map projections and user calibration points

The graphic shown on this page is a screendump of the results of the integration with OziExplorer and OziAPRS.

Eventually we hope to offer full messaging support in this software - although the implementation of that may be delayed due for a number of reasons.

One issue is how to move the positioning data around. Radio Modems work well, but this is not within the capabilities of most organisations. But there are other options. GPRS is a good way, ham radio works. SMS works, but is expensive. If you can move data around mobile, then you can use this.

Beta Test Software

The OziAPRS software add-on for OziExplorer is available for non-commercial personal use for US$20/copy. Commercial licenses are available by contacting the author directly.

WARNINGI have had a report that under Windows 98 that the versions of shdocvw.dll and shdoc401.dll were not compatable. I have removed shdocvw.dll from the install so that should fix things.


You must be running the a modern copy of OziExplorer, version 3.95.2 or better

At the moment I am unable to include the date of the lastest modified file on this page. If you would like to be informed when new versions are available please email us.

Links to the OziExplorer files can be found here.


If you are interested in getting updates when this software changes, please send an email to us by clicking here. Please also let us know if you need specific features included in this product.


Please note that OziExplorer does not correctly deal with more than 1000 uploaded waypoints.

If you would like to make a donation to assist in the development of this product please click on the button below.

The Entire OziAPRS Suite

The OziAPRS interface is just the first component of an entire system that will make complex applications possible. Other components and extensions include:-

   Client and Server connections between copies of OziExplorer, so that all the users in a cluster can combine their current positions to be displayed on each computer in a cluster, and have the data uploaded to other clusters

   The ability to save the positions over time in an Access Database, and play this data back as required.

   The ability to integrate to specialized GPRS/GPS standalone tracking devices

Other OziExplorer Utilities

There are many other utilities available for OziExplorer. For more details of these utilities you can have a look at http://members.shaw.ca/davepatton/software.html