Remote Pan and Tilt Control

Radioactive Networks was approached by Lateral Linking to provide an embedded TCP/IP controller for their extensive array of microwave transmitters and receivers, as well as their microwave Pan and Tilt heads. The unit was required for the 2001 Goodwill Games in Brisbane, Australia.

The concept behind the project is to reduce the infrastructure requrirements in a production enviroment, improving reliability and decreasing costs. There was the added benefit that it would allow for the equipment to be remotely controlled over a dialup or wireless connection, especially in locations that are not normally manned.

The project was completed quickly using the Rabbit Semiconductor series of embedded controllers. In this case the TCP/IP Development Board provided all the requirements for the project with Etherenet, four serial ports, and four digital output lines. Of the serial ports on the development board, only two of these ports are easally accessable, one running RS-232 and the other RS-485. This was ideal for Lateral Linking’s application.

Radioactive Networks is also planning to extend this with the ability to digitize snapshots of video for aiming and quality control.