One of my clients has been suggesting tons of new features for my TeamTrack software – and has even gone as far to purchase a copy of Crystal Reports so he can edit his own reports – and he is totally loving it. Anyway he found an issue with my reporting functions – since my software was saying that Normanhurst to Newcastle was only 120KM where it should have been about 150KM. I found the bug… It was reporting the distance as the crow flies, and not how you drive it. Quick hack and I got the distance correct. Sometimes. There was a minor error sometimes. If the program thought that one of the positions was 0,0 it would add about 15,000 km to the distance. OOps. It was a simple fix to correct that error.

I have also fixed up the size of the install program. It used to be 11 MBytes, and every time there was a new version of the program people will downloaded the large file. Most of this was libraries that was needed by the program. I have now split things with a second install program that installs 8.5 MBytes of library files. And they only need to do this once. WHat an improvement!

With Valentines Day coming up, the NY Daily News is reporting that a popular burger joint in New York is offering Valentines Day meals. You need to recognise that this is a store similar to McDonalds. So for Valentines Day, those who pre-book get met at the door by a waiter in a suit, and shown to a candle lit table with tablecloth and all the trimmings. It is aimed at those people who had their first date at the place, or went their after their prom etc. Nice idea.