Month: January 2006

I hust just completed an Online Form with westnet to increase my monthly download limit. With the type of work I have been doing recently I need the extra bandwidth – and I realised it was probably going to be

It is surprisingly warm outside… I needed to do some work at the church manse where our new minister had moved in, and needed to climb under the house to patch in some cables. After getting past all the cobwebs

Unfortunately I have a whole lot of work to do today. Yesterday was mildly successful, essentially getting a consulting job out the door. All that needs to happen is that I need to send the hardware to my client and

The X-Box 360 was due to be released in Australia on 3/March. Unfortunately, Microsoft have just announced that the launch will be delayed until March 23 due to lack of stock. This will also mean that the number of cheap

This afternoon I have been working on a real cool consulting project… Something that pulls together skills in everything from wireless design to textile science. Unfortunately I am unable to post any photos at the moment of the hardware, but

So let me see… Some running around this morning. The post office was fun this morning… I needed to post off four parcels and pick up one… Three of the parcels were eBay items and one was normal things that

It is amazing how some sleep just makes you feel so much better. I was really exhausted last night when I got home, and I really should have just fallen into bed and turned off the light… Instead the laptop

Finally home… And frankly I am slightly exhausted. Well, more than slightly. I am very exhausted. I have spent a long two days working on the plane, and I am now frankly happy to be in my own bed. I

I am torn between getting an X-Box and getting something else to view files over the net. I like the idea of the X-Box, but there is one feature that it does not have. It does not have a video

I was doing some programming this morning in VB.NET, and needed to use the random number generator. This was fine, except for one point. I was testing my code, and it would never complete. The code needed to have a

When I started up my PC today, I had an outlook alert come up, advising me of an event. What is important about that? Well I set it about two years ago, and I have rebuilt the HDD on this

I have come to the conclusion that anything can be obtained on eBay. For instance I am a board member of TAPR, which is a wireless R&D organisation based in the USA. Anyway TAPR is now about 25 years old.

I mentioned earlier that I had concerns about a winner of an auction on eBay. Well, I finally heard from the winner, and he had an excuse – and I was pretty dumb for not working it out. Turns out

The XBox has now been modded. This was actually fairly simple, with a board needed to be added to the unit. This contained some significant technology on it. I was amazed at how easy the mod was to add… I

Happy Australia Day! News.COM.AU have released a list of fair dinkum holiday destinations here in Oz. Looking through the list there are some amazing places to visit. I really will have to check some of them out… It would be