According to News.Com.AU, QANTAS is being taken to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission over their decision to use the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles for crew. They claim that downtown LA is not safe. What startled me was the number of rooms they have booked there on average – 250. That is a lot. But when you work out that there are maybe 10 qantas flights a day through LA the numbers certainly add up. So would the nightly cost even at bulk rates.

News.COM.AU is also reporting that Split Enz is getting back together for a tour. Their last tour as a group was called ‘Enz with a Bang!’. Cute name.

I was speaking to the wife of a friend earlier this evening, whilst she sent her husband off to do some jobs. She was commiserating about eBay… She has bought and sold a lot on eBay, and has had no problems until her latest sale. She sold an item at auction, and it sold but the person did not pay. So she re-listed it, and once again the person has not paid. Twice in a row for the same item is a real pain. But it is one of the risks with a site like eBay.

For a computing story, News.COM has a short history of Hard Disks. The part I love is when in 1982 the weigh per GByte of storage went down from 121 KG/GByte to 42 KG/GByte.