Right now I feel like a back massage… For some reason my upper back is slightly sore… I guess I have been sitting down too much today. I think I need a new work chair too… The one I have is getting a bit old – and it is not as comfortable as it used to be. I might whip down to Office Works tomorrow at some stage.

Tomorrow morning I have a chuch meeting – basically to introduce the new treasurer to the church accounts. Not that I know much about them, but I have some idea. The previous treasurer documented so much, and we need to hand all that over to the new treasurer. Not sure how long that meeting will take. I am hoping that it will be quick, but you never can tell. [On the subject of treasurer stuff, I was speaking to a business partner in Trakworks, and he was telling me that his first job was working in a bank, and he started there the same week as decimal currency was introduced. He assures me it was an interesting week to start work].

I have been having a few issues with doing some programming in VB.NET… Not in my TeamTrack application, but in another program I am working on. The issue is that I am trying to add strings to a collection, and it is not working. VB.NET is telling me that the variable is not yet initialized, but I cannot work out what is going on. Whenever I look it is set… When I get a solution I will write it up here.