I think today has been fairly successful. I have managed to get most of the things done that I wanted to get done. Sure, I would have liked to do a bit more driving to test trackers, but apart from that things went fairly well… And not too many interruptions from people either. A good day I think.

I think I have just made a great mistake. I picked myself up a copy of a DVD of Jean Michele Jarre with one of his concerts in Moscow. Jarre is a long time composer of electronic music, and one of my ambitions is to go to one of his concerts. The concerts are realy amazing, with over a million people commonly attending his outdoor events. If you think of someone taking the New Years Eve fireworks with their synchronised music, put them onto most of the buildings in down town sydney, project images onto all the buildings too, and have this all done live for two hours… Well, that would be close to what he is like.

He is in the Guiness Book Of Records for the biggest concert ever at about 1.8 Million people (estimated) for the 150th anniversary of Houston.

Anyway, the DVD is a distraction to me at the moment – mostly from writing here, but also doing other stuff. Thankfully the work day is mostly done so it is not too much of a distraction from anything but it could be worse. Half the reviews rave how good the DVD is, and the other half make all sorts of complaints about the DVD. I think I am on the side that raves how good it is…