When I first bought this laptop I found a piece of 1″ high aluminium extrusion and used this with a piece of neoprene to raise up the rear of the laptop so that it would be better for typing ergonomically. With rearrangements of my desk this fell by the wayside. I have now dusted it off, and I am trying again to use it. Generally it is actually an improvement I think, but we will just need to wait until I have been using it a few days to see if things are actually better.

From my point of view there are two problems with eBay. Firstly is that there are too many cool things to buy on eBay, which is part of the charm. The other thing is that sometimes you are not getting to the right people – and the tools for letting people know they might be interested in something obscure are not all that good. Taking a break from other work I found a few tracking units I used in Hawaii for Ironman back in 2002. These are slightly superscened, and I have no use for so many, and want to sell them off. But realistically they would not sell well on eBay. So I need to sell them through other means.

Having said that some things sell that I do not expect to sell. The price of the Calligraphy set I am selling is now over $30. I think I only spent $25 on it a few years back so I am going to make a profit. But I think this is more the exception rather than the rule.

I have released the new version of TeamTrack with most of the DLL’s now included in the main software again, but as classes. It seems to be running really well. It seems to actually have improved the performance of the software too which is good. I will see how it goes under load.