Internet Explorer 7 still has some issues… If you (accidently) close the Internet Explorer window, all your tabs close. And to make this worse, there is no facility to save the state of the standard tabs. Firefox does have the ability to save the tabs which is a fantastic feature, meaning that I can open my normal windows automatically if I like. Well, I could if I used Firefox.

Earlier I took the mailing tube to the post office… They were rather surprised at the length, but they were fine about it when I told them it was just under the maximum length – they did however have some issues actually balencing the tube on the scales for weighing it. It cost a bit more to send than i expected but it was still under 1c per KM that it needed to travel. Actually, it was under 0.5c, which probably says more about the sheer size of Australia than anything else.

The programming and testing I have been doing today has gone really well. The testing has all worked, and the programming has been easier than I anticipated. Not that I am complaining – not in the least.

Oh, and I saw a link to This product which is a USB memory stick with a secure copy of MSN Messenger on it with a secure diary. And they are charging a premium for this. Not a bad idea… Basically it is a portable digital diary that can plug into any PC… Sweet.