I am just waiting for some reports to finish running so that I can do some more programming… I could just disable the daily emailed reports, or have the reports run on another machine, but I have not got that far yet. Actually, I think I have. The reporting engine has only changed in minor ways in the last few weeks – so I guess it is time to have it running on my server sitting there churning out reports as needed. I really do need to get the WebServices written allowing people to submit reports – but that will come soon.

Something which I already knew wass that the M7 traffic is lower than when it opened. The road averages about 80,000 journeys a day, compared to about 140,000 when it was toll free. Not that I care. I pay the toll without too many issues… It saves me so much time and it is far more relaxing than driving in the traffic.

I saw an interesting project… An accelerometer using bluetooth. An accelerometer measures how fast objects speed up and slow down. It is something that people are always asking me to add to my GPS tracker, and which I will get to adding one of these days. Until then this is a cute project.