I think I have just created two of the worlds most bizzare mailing tubes. I am not sure that Australia post is going to like them, but they do comply with requirements. I am selling some antennas on eBay, and they just fit in with the maximum 1.05m length of a parcel. The only thing is that Australia Post DO NOT sell mailing tubes this long. So I needed to buy two and put them together and then tape them up. This required some ‘engineering’. One of the eBay auctions is awaiting payment, and the other is still going. And then I have another two of these antennas available.

I am being sneaky here… I am waiting until one is sold before selling the next one in order to get the best price. I suspect that this is really common on eBay.

The test of my software when I was out looked good. It needs more testing, but at the moment things are looking good. All the trackers seem to be reporting correctly… I have a few more tests to do, and some longer journeys, but I think that will need to wait for a day or two.