Just after the last entry the PC got worse… Internet Explorer crashed as well as Outlook. Once these applications die you know that the computer needs to be restarted – it is just better that way. I did a small amount of research and I have found that Upgradable.Com.Au is probably the cheapest for upgrades at $259. The interesting thing is that I can upgrade one chip at a time, so I can buy a 1 GByte chip giving 1.5 GBytes.

I just saw a report on news.com.au about a Defense College building in Canberra partially collapsing without serious injury. This is important since the son of one of my clients started down there on the weekend.

Right now I have some code to document… We are having some issues and believe it is the with another supplier of software… And I need to tell this supplier how our software is working so that we can debug the issue.