Month: May 2005

Right now I am working on updating my trackers so that I can dial into them and update them over the air. This is actually a really horrible thing to do since memory is limited. Which means that I need

I slept well last night – although my neck is sore this morning. I guess that just takes a little time to fix itself up. It is annoying, but certainly not debilitating. A few days and it will be fine.

I just heard from my father. He was asking if I was free to meet him for dinner tomorrow night. I have not seen him for a little while so I will certainly be there… My knees are feeling better.

Internet Email can be a pain at times. You can never be sure that someone has actually seen an email you have sent them, unless they have replied specifically to it, and then sometimes not even then. Thanks to SPAM,

I know I have not posted any photos for a little while – and I thought about posting one now, but I decided against it. But I am getting ahead of myself right now. I really need a backrub for

I think I was tired last night – I fell asleep in front of the TV watching CSI Miami. I have no idea what happened in then end, since I missed the last 20 minutes or so. Except for the

I have now had dinner and a shower, and I am a bit exhausted. The best part was when Richard’s wife went out to get some lunch for us, and when she got back we had the back of the

Just got home from Richards – a great day. Basically we started on the back half of the fuselage, and got most of it assembled for the first time. Of course this is only the start of things since we

It is 7AM on a sunday morning and I am working out if I will get up now and have a run, or not bother. Maybe I should just do a short run – 3km or so. It would certainly

I will be working on the plane most of the day tomorrow. Richard is starting about 9:00, although I am not sure what time I will be over there. I might go for a run first and thanks to the

This morning I did six kilometers – and I am feeling great. I started just after 8:30AM and I ran for 40 minutes which was good going. About on par with previous performances – although I was slightly shorter than

I did another run yesterday – this time at about 4pm, so it was starting to get cool and the sun was starting to go down. I could not find any AA batteries in the house so I did not

Sometimes things just seem to work out – I just put in an indicitive price for the client I saw earlier today. I think they will be happy – and I might get a trip to Fiji out of it…

I just got home from a job just down the road. I am not sure if what I have done is working, because I found some issues that they needed to resolve first. Things like not having a permament IP

Argh. I woke up early this morning and I could not get back to sleep. I hate it when that happens. After spending some time looking at my email and doing some coding I did go back to bed… and