I have now had dinner and a shower, and I am a bit exhausted. The best part was when Richard’s wife went out to get some lunch for us, and when she got back we had the back of the fuselage put together which sort of shocked her. Actually it sort of shocked me too.

I also got to see an identical fuselage being built by a friend of Richard’s nearby although slightly more advanced in progress, and it was amazing to see. And although it is advanced I can see that it will not be too long until we are up to this stage.

Tomorrow I will go running again – and I will see if I can at least do the six KM. It would be good if I can do more than that, but I will be happy if I can do six Km. I cannot believe how well my running is going. Late last year I was really happy when I could run 2KM. Now I can do that distance in my sleep.

This coming week will be busy… I have a number of things that I want to get done, software to write and debug, manuals to write, and a web site to update. The latter is probably the most important since it is my most important marketing exercise, and is how I therefore make my living.