Just got home from Richards – a great day. Basically we started on the back half of the fuselage, and got most of it assembled for the first time. Of course this is only the start of things since we actually have to do a lot of work now that we have that part assembled. Things like re-drilling all the holes, making some more brackets, dissasembling and reassembling a few times.

Then and only then we de-burr, clean, paint and reassemble, and then rivet it together. Which will probably take a few weekends. But it is certainly getting there – a very satisfying day all in all. Very enoyable. What I am finding though is that I an needing to lie on my back working from below, putting in cleco’s, riveting, assembling etc. Since richard has the only shag pile garage in the world this is actually quite comfortable. At least until I lie on a screw or tool or something.

I used the iPod today in the car again – and I am loving it. I suspect that the cassette adapter is favouring the left speaker a bit, but most of the time it is fine. I suspect that the head in the cassette adapter is a bit mis-aligned, and it should be simple to fix.

Anyway time to put my feet up… And grab some food.

Photo of the Day