It is 7AM on a sunday morning and I am working out if I will get up now and have a run, or not bother. Maybe I should just do a short run – 3km or so. It would certainly energize me for the rest of the day. Or is that tire me out.

Not an official announcement yet, but I have signed a reseller agreement with a canadian company. That was yesterday. This morning I get an email saying that they are getting a sign made for their building with my logo on it. Now, I dont even have a logo on the outside of my office.

To top this off I got an enquiry yesterday just hours after I had signed the reseller agreement from an organization in Canada interested in tracking 500 vehicles. Things are moving quickly. I am slightly stuck since the Canadian distributor is a public company, and this information needs to be advised to their sharemarket. We are planning to announce around June 6th. [Hey, maybe I should get some shares in the company too]

Anyway I really need to get going, and see how cold it is outside… wish me luck…