I will be working on the plane most of the day tomorrow. Richard is starting about 9:00, although I am not sure what time I will be over there. I might go for a run first and thanks to the temperatures it is much nicer if I start running at 9am instead of 7am. Given that I like to run about 40 minutes, and I need a shower afterwards, taking the whole exercise to about an hour.

I have done some vegging out today, watching some movies. I saw Elektra, and also Oceans 12. Both were a bit strange, and took work to follow. I am glad that I have seen the both, but I don’t think either would be on my list to buy.

There is an interesting article in the New York Times on how the fight between the Mac and Windows should be fought. It is things like suggesting that things should be hated for their failings, not successes, not to condem things until you try them, and that execution of ideas matter. The real one that I love is that you should not make grandiose purchasing plans based on a guess on future technology – like choosing a computing platform for primary school on the basis of equiping the students for working life. In other words betting what computing will be like in 6-13 years time.


The only use of the iPod today has been during the run. This was 40 minutes and it was great. I found that some of the music was good for running with and other parts were not. Just depended on my mood and the track. Some music which I thought that would be no good were great for running to.