This morning I did six kilometers – and I am feeling great. I started just after 8:30AM and I ran for 40 minutes which was good going. About on par with previous performances – although I was slightly shorter than my best effort ever. The track is on the GPS but it is more than the same. I worked out that my camera had some AA batteries so I put them in the GPS. I picked up some more batteries when I went out earlier.

I picked up some running shoes today – some new ones. I got a pair at K-Mart marked at $29.99. But they scanned at $20.00 and got a 30% discount thanks to some promotion, making them $14.00. Or less than half price.

I still have not heard from my father after my birthday. No card, nothing. There is probably a postcard or something coming – but I have not seen anything yet. It is his birthday on Wednesday so I sent him a card – and I think he is going away for three weeks on thursday or something. To tell the truth I am a bit hurt by not getting that phone call – it would have been better if he had not said he was going to ring and then did not ring.

Last night I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s – and I am glad I saw it. I don’t know if I loved it, but it was certainly a good movie. It was not really what I expected, and it is easy to see how movies have changed in the 45 years or so since it was made. I think this is a movie for a simpler time…

This is a great story where Hepburn as ‘Holly Golightly’ grows up and finds true love. I think it is really a must see movie – where she goes from being a serial girlfriend who uses guys to finally needing one. The makers used a cat throughout the movie to describe some of the relationships without being overt about it.