I slept well last night – although my neck is sore this morning. I guess that just takes a little time to fix itself up. It is annoying, but certainly not debilitating. A few days and it will be fine.

A watched Roman Holiday last night, and it really is a delightful movie – sort of the genre of ‘The Princess Diaries’, or ‘The Cinderella Story’. It is quite aparent why Audrey Hepburn won the Oscar on the movie – she did such a good job – and seemed to be honestly enjoying herself making the movie.

The scenes around Rome all looked familiar – although I can say that the traffic situation has changed a bit these days. There seemed to be very little traffic on the roads during the movie, although now traffic is a major issue. The pictures were also so clear, and I had to remind myself that this movie was made 40 or 50 years ago.

In many ways Rome has not changed at all, and in some ways it has changed so much. Anyway I enjoyed watching the movie…


“Oh, What a Night” sung by Billy Joel