Right now I am working on updating my trackers so that I can dial into them and update them over the air. This is actually a really horrible thing to do since memory is limited. Which means that I need to kill off the rest of the software that is running, and restart the device in a different mode.

Then when things are uploaded I need to restart the device to run the new software. All in all this is a real pain, and something that I have been looking for excuses not to do. Then again, I do not feel like having to explain to a customer why I need to schedule down time for his 500 vehicles whilst I fix a minor bug.

That is the way with these sort of things unforunately. I guess I need to just grin and bear it. ARGH.

As a diversion I have been doing battle with Windows. A couple of things do not work really well. The Web Server on my laptop refuses to allow certain connections to it. Anything with a ‘&’ or ‘%’ in the URL. And of course I have a need of this. But it is only in certain cases that this is not permitted. I have not worked out what they are yet. The other thing that I am having issues with is raising events. I am missing something simple there – and I am not sure what. I will look at these later.


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