I just heard from my father. He was asking if I was free to meet him for dinner tomorrow night. I have not seen him for a little while so I will certainly be there…

My knees are feeling better. I had a hot bath a bit earlier to ease the discomfort in my neck, and my knees were a bit sore with the hot water. Not too bad, just a bit tingly. I could certainly do with that back massage though. The blister on my foot is not sore at all. I do not think it will be wise to go for a run tomorrow but it is basically fine at the moment. My little finger is fine thankfully after tripping over this morning

I guess I did also not get enough sleep last night – about 3pm I was just feeling so exhausted that I needed to grab a short nap. I suspect that half of this was my body complaining about the exercise. I have given my thoughts on this in the past.

I had some more dialog with a new canadian client today by email. The guy was blown away with my software, and basically will be recommending to his management that they send me money as soon as we can get an invoice to them. This is what I like to hear. What impressed him is that I can bring all the different types of technology together for him.

A friend just forwarded me a bizzare www site – you give it a list of numbers in order and it will tell you what sort of sequence created the list. For instance give it “1 2 3 4 5 6” and it will tell you that this is the last number + 1. Give it “1 1 2 3 5 8” and it will tell you that it was part of the Fibonacci sequence where each number is equal to the sum of the preceeding two numbers. Surprisingly though the database was missing simplest sequence of a(n) = a(n-1) + 1, or this number is one more than the last number.

Anyway time for me to cook myself some dinner.


Lots and Lots of music. Just so much. I cannot even remember what I have been listening to. I do know that I have been listening to music whilst walking around the house. Very impressed with the iPod. There are the occasional missing features, but nothing major. Add to playing now would be one thing. And also viewing music like they are in the directory hierarchy… But I think that is it.