I just got home from a job just down the road. I am not sure if what I have done is working, because I found some issues that they needed to resolve first. Things like not having a permament IP address on their ADSL connection. Thankfully Telstra only charges $10 per month for this feature. Talking to them I have more work I can do for them – they want a quote on what is possible for one of their associated companies too… And it needs to be done today.

Then I have some other software to update too – a couple of minor bug fixes. Nothing major, but some tedious things. There are about 5 minor changes in one piece of software I think. Not all that many but enough. Who knows how long each will take.

I went for a run a little earlier – about 8:30… I am not sure how far I went – probably only 4km or so. The GPS ran out of batteries which did not help – without a goal it is harder to run, even having the iPod in my pocket.

Anyway I had better get back to work…