Sometimes things just seem to work out – I just put in an indicitive price for the client I saw earlier today. I think they will be happy – and I might get a trip to Fiji out of it… I can see the work in Fiji taking maybe 2-3 weeks – after all it takes a lot of effort to supervise an electrician doing a total of a days work 🙂 And I would need time to relax after that.

Oh, and I need to give a friend a ring – he was at Hamilton Island last night doing a site survey. Not bad work if you can get it. He promises to take me to the next one as a learning exercise. And since I need to look after the technical side of his business in June for a few weeks I need the experience.

I might have another run this afternoon – I think I am up to it – and if I can find batteries for the GPS receiever that work I might actually do a decent distance. Having run this morning though any distance will be decent – or at least that is how I look at it.