Argh. I woke up early this morning and I could not get back to sleep. I hate it when that happens. After spending some time looking at my email and doing some coding I did go back to bed… and slept for another hour and a half or so…

When I wake up some more I will get going and have a run… Not sure how well i will go, but I will take my iPod, phone and GPS this time. I feel good, so I might be able to do six or seven km.

I had a late-ish night last night – I was chatting to an old supervisor of mine from Pacific Power. We have always got on well, and in order to save money we started a ‘Coca Cola Club’ similar to many milk clubs in offices. He was telling me that he has $25m to spend at work with Capital Expendature. I just wish he could send some to me. I am not greedy… $1-2m would do me 🙂

Engadget has a strange one… This is a combined vest and toy Koala. When you rub the koala on the tummy, it gives a hug-like sensation with the vest, letting you know that your ‘loved one’ is thinking about you. It is also ‘discreet’ so that no-one but you knows. The only problem is that the huge vest is a give-away. Also from Engadget comes the iGuy which is a holder for your iPod, but with arms and legs. And it only costs US$35… which looks excessive to me.


One of the problems with the iPod is that the buttons are on the side, which is not good if you want to skip songs whilst the device is on the belt or in a pocket. Conexus sell a device for $40 that places the remote control on the top of the iPod. I think this is an essential device. They also have a car charger and transmitter for 140 that includes a remote control