Month: May 2005

I just logged into my gMail account… And found that a friend of mine had sent me a link to the site… I have not looked at it yet… But the name sounds cute. I am a fairly good

I have not managed to get away from the PC yet… A friend IM’ed me so I am having a conversation with him. So here is more to the blog whist his replies come in. I spent about an hour

Just got home… Long day… Airport to drop my mother there for a flight to Broken Hill… Then a meeting at North Ryde for breakfast… Then Civenex at Sydney Olympic Park, and then Cebit at darling harbour… A productive day,

DasKeyboard have released a computer keyboard that they claim can double the speed of typists. What they do is simple – they don’t print any of the letters on the keyboard. Aparently the brain then stops looking at the keyboard

Thursday I will be out most of the day… I am going everywhere. I have a meeting at North Ryde. Then I need to drop in at Civinex at Sydney Olympic Park before visiting Cebit at Darling Harbour. So I

I thought that I had worked out how to change the oil on my car. Use the wheel ramps. Place a big sheet of cardboard under it. Use a tub for the old oil, but place a garbage bag in

My MP3 collection is getting tidier. I am down to about 5850 tracks. Well, actualy it is a few less since I have the audio CD’s from the ABC series on The Olympics called ‘The Games’ there, and that takes

My brother and I took my mother out for dinner tonight – Chinese. The meal was nice, just somewhere locally. It is her birthday tomorrow – I still need to get her a present. I am not sure what I

I returned the FM transmitter to Tandy at lunch time – returning it was really simple and painless. I just said that the device would not work thanks to the number of radio stations in the local area running on

I went down to Vodafone to pick up the SIM card. That was a bit of a painful experience. Their IT systems were running slowly thanks to RemoteDesktop being slow. Their phones were running with about a 10 second delay

An update on the album art program. It is looking great. I did not realise you could select all your tracks and say ‘Search for Album Covers and Update’. This worked fairly well. I am doing this in the background

Updating Album Art in iTunes can be a pain. But there is an answer. It is iTunes Art Importer from YVG Software Services. This is freeware, and works really well. Except that it crashes if your music files are set

Dinner was good… It was at the local RSL club – I had not been there in years. Dinner for three of us was only $20. This is really good value. There are a huge number of poker machines there

I have just spoken to a colleague in Ettamonga… He is driving up to Sydney, and I would guess he will be up here about 8PM or so. But I knew where he was before I rang him – he

I have a few things to do today and I am running a bit behind. My desk has piles of stuff on it, and lots of to-do lists… Hmm. Too much to do. Too little time. I have a PCB