Month: July 2006

Oshkosh Airshow

Unfortunately the Oshkosh Airshow has made the SMH after one plane taxied into another as they were about to take off on Sunday, killing a passenger. This is the third death at the airshow which attracts about 250,000 participants and

I meant to post this earlier, but I found out that the Computer HDD is about to turn 50. And for the size, I would not suggest you use the old IBM Hdd for your iPod. Even if the HDD

When I was cleaning yesterday I managed to find a heap of my papers from when I went around the world last time. Essentials like a map of London, and brochures of what to see over there. I found these

I spelt in this morning, obviously catching up on sleep – and must have got about 8 1/2 hours rest. This is a lot for me – not that I am complaining of course – it is nice to wake

I had a productive time in my office earlier – not doing work stuff, but doing domestic tasks, like vacuuming the floor and dusting the bookcase. So much so that I actually needed to empty the vacuum cleaner. Some time

Yesterday I was looking at Wikipedia, just looking at holiday stuff – and found that the Bangkok airport was about to be closed, and a new airport opened. It took some research to find that the new airport will open

I grabbed the new Shakira album today – and I have listened to it and really like it. By ‘Listened to it’ I mean I had it on and then layed down in the lounge chair in my office. Next

I have had a mostly productive morning today – let me list the ways… I have done the paper work for my BAS for GST. I have done my group certificate. I have paid the tax department my Tax. I

I am up to about 150 function calls in the WebServices. Unfortunately there are a few missing that I wanted to play with over the next few days – ones that I had forgotten to define… Still, in the next

I am getting used to the beast called SQLserver. It really is not that much of a beast, but it is a pain to use at times. I just got in my new WebServices stuff from my programmer overseas, and

I have lost count of the number of times I have lost my pen today. It just goes missing – AWOL if you like. Then I find it and I lose it again. And then I find it somewhere dumb,


Bugger! I just have to say it again. Bugger. I have been searching for some connectors for some trackers I am getting in. I can buy the connectors in Australia for about $2.50 per connector. But the pins are extra,

Unsecured access points can be a problem… they are a double edged sword… they allow other people to use your internet access – but on the other hand they allow you to use someone elses internet access. This is great

I think I had too much caffene yesterday – rather than falling asleep immediately I kept waking up, and I was rather restless during the night. Note to self – do not drink so much coffee… I really love coffee,

Not sure why but I have felt a bit tired for the last few days. I know that I have not been getting as much sleep as I would have liked but I think it is a bit more than