I am up to about 150 function calls in the WebServices. Unfortunately there are a few missing that I wanted to play with over the next few days – ones that I had forgotten to define… Still, in the next few days these will be definied so things will be working well. The functions that are there are generally working well, although I am finding the occasional strange result. With such a complex system it is only with using the software that bugs are detected.

Tomorrow I have about fix minutes work to do on my tax. I need to fill in my group certificate and my bas. I have done all the work – I now just need to fill in the paperwork. Then I can put in my tax return – and i should get a nice tax return.

Right now though, I am reading an article in the gardian about a move to clone Coca Cola… and the results are fairly close. The group is even publishing their recipe and describes the problems they are having with manufacture. Really insightful.