I have had a mostly productive morning today – let me list the ways… I have done the paper work for my BAS for GST. I have done my group certificate. I have paid the tax department my Tax. I have even sent off the paperwork including the group certificates. Then I have sent off the paperwork to my accountant to do my personal tax return. I have sorted my business accounts for last finanical into phone statements, receipts, invoices and filed them all in a folder for archiving. And then I have quickly gone through files and worked out that I can throw some out, and I have!

I have placed an order for some hardware for a client and invoiced the client too – and arranged for the supplier to ship direct which is even better since it saves some money on shipping and it means that the client will get the hardware sooner. And I have also gone through some boxes in the garage and determined that there are some things there that I can get rid of too. And done some shopping too.

And to top things off I have also done a bit of programming – well, enough to work out that I have a few more functions that I cannot finish writing code for since I forgot to specify a few functions. Like, I got functions written to add data to a database, modify it, and even delete it. Only thing I forgot is the function to get the data once it is in there. Without that the functions are not all that useful since the only way to access the database is through the Web Services. And the WebServices do not have the Get function.