I am getting used to the beast called SQLserver. It really is not that much of a beast, but it is a pain to use at times. I just got in my new WebServices stuff from my programmer overseas, and I needed to delete a single table so that an upgrade database script would work. As much as I tried nothing would work. Nothing. It kept telling me that I could not do what I needed to do. Fine. I will delete the database and loose the data and import the database my programmer sent me. Great idea, except it kept saying it could not get exclusive access to the database. WHY? I just blew it away. Nothing is connected to it except me. Ah, well.

After a while I eventually get the new database imported. Probably 15-20 minutes of my time wasted for some reason that I have no knowledge of. Just wasted. But there is one thing I do need to say. It is better than Oracle. I find Oracle just ‘strange’. They are about the only company in the world who could send a consultant to your business at $1500/day who litereally does not know a thing about the product and needs to spend most of the day on the phone – so much so that the phone used by the consultant runs out of battery. I guess the charge is to pay for both people and the phone charges.

I just got invited to a PocketPC programming day – it sounds really really interesting. It is being run by one of my clients, although I think I was more invited as an expert rather than an attendee šŸ™‚ Anyway, I cannot go – I will be out of the country at the time. Ahh, well. Maybe I will think about the training course whilst lying back on a beach somewhere. Maybe not!