Yesterday I was looking at Wikipedia, just looking at holiday stuff – and found that the Bangkok airport was about to be closed, and a new airport opened. It took some research to find that the new airport will open at the end of September. I should not have spent so much time on research since I found a story on about the first flights to the airport to test it out. From the reports that I have read I would stay away from Bangkok Airports about 27-September to about 3-October. Actually probably a few weeks after that would probably be a good idea, but it is my guess that things are going to be chaos between those dates.

Also looking at Wikipedia I saw that Bletchley, the home of Bletchley Park, has a tiny bit of history just near the railway station. Hey, it is in the UK, and everything has history. Anyway, I found out that Marshall Amplifiers, who are really popular with modern musciians, has its factory at the railway station… I will have to drop by and see if they have a Museum or anything – Marshall is *THE* standard brand for modern bands.

Rebooting my PC today I found that my PC was giving me Nortons Antivirus errors… So I removed it with a view to reinstalling it… Funny thing is that my computer is now running a heap faster… Anyway I have to go – I have a SKYPE to answer