I had a productive time in my office earlier – not doing work stuff, but doing domestic tasks, like vacuuming the floor and dusting the bookcase. So much so that I actually needed to empty the vacuum cleaner. Some time in the garage allowed me to also fill up the garbage bin I keep in there with junk. I want to throw more stuff out, but I just need to find it.

Tomorrow I have a heap of programming to do – I hope to get some work back from a colleague tomorrow afternoon which I need to integrate. But until then I have a heap of work to do with the WebServices stuff. One thing I want to do is save some of the intermediate data downloaded from the server to reduce the bandwidth requirements when the application starts up.

I still have not re-installed Norton’s AntiVirus. My computer just seems to work better without it. I will see when I have the courage to do it. And when I do it will only be for incoming email I think. Border security in other words. I do not really need it to be seaching files that are already on my PC… I could probably get by without the anti-virus, but I should install it. I just should