I spelt in this morning, obviously catching up on sleep – and must have got about 8 1/2 hours rest. This is a lot for me – not that I am complaining of course – it is nice to wake up after sunrise. It happens too rarely at this time of year.

And according to the BBC, it looks like the new James Bond movie is going to be delayed somewhat after a sound stage at Pinewood Studios in the UK was destroyed by fire overnight. The last time that the studios had a fire it took 12 months to rebuild the building. My guess is that they will be looking for a new hanger space to build a set in PDQ in an attempt to rescue the movie.

The PoliTech Web Site has a story about how more members of US Congress have been stopped by watch lists than terrorists themselves. Also, of the 400 people charged with terrorism in the USA, only 10% have been convicted of charges relating to terrorism. However of the 400, 50% have been convicted of something, which could be as simple as speeding. Still saying that 400 have been charged and 50% have been convicted of a crime is a great sound bite for the news.