When I was cleaning yesterday I managed to find a heap of my papers from when I went around the world last time. Essentials like a map of London, and brochures of what to see over there. I found these by accident, which is sort of cool since it may have taken a long time to find them if I had gone looking.

Speaking of which I have chosen a hotel that I want to stay at in London. Firstly I found it was cheaper not to buy direct on the Internet. This is not surprising… What was surprising was that it gave an email address for asking questions about the hotel. So I asked how much internet was, and making sure they had internet access in rooms. The response was that I needed to contact the hotel direct. Thanks for nothing. Replying asking for an email so I could contact them direct was met with silence.

I have not managed to get much useful work done today – lots of minor things – such as a SKYPE to a clinet in the middle of the Pacific, and a trip to the local electronics store for some parts. Now I need to actually do something with the parts that I picked up. I was scared that some of them were going to be too big, but it does not appear that this will be the case.