Month: July 2006

I have solved why my Wireless was not working here for the past week or so. I have no idea what went on, but it had to be me who made some changes. When I went to look at my

Once again my Laptop failed to restart once it came back from hibernate mode. I hate it when this hapens… it SHOULD NOT happen. I will have to attemp to work out from log files what is happening… If such

Once again my PC refused to start up from standby. Great… That is the 2nd reboot this morning. VisualStudio crashed last night so I needed to reboot the PC this morning. Thankfully the software that is built with VS.2005 is

Looking round the net I found a web page that lists Some power outlets in airports around the world. This list is being worked on at the moment and should get a heap better over time. Netgear are releasing an

I really need to stop playing Billiards on MSN… I am enjoying the game far too much… It is a great distraction though… You can also choose options like turning off hints on where the balls will go. That I

Two bits of news in the SMH about JetStar. First is how they are starting cheap flights into Asia. More interesting is how their WWW site died… and how they have cut costs so much that they use MySQL which

One other thing I needed to do was to put in another power outlet. For some reason there are never enough outlets in any room, and they are never where you need them. Same goes with data and television outlets.

My Internet is back up… Web sites work. MSN works. Email from all parts of the world is coming in. What could be better? Don’t you just love it when things just work? The SMH has a list of five

iiNet has been providing some updates on the likely time for the internet issues to be resolved. According to their Web Site, a fibre optic cable was cut in Orgon and it will be another hour before the engineers can

My westnet is still down internationally… Thanks to using the Telstra Web proxy things are not bad for browsing… But it does mean that my MSN is out of action… MapPoint would be as well if I was using it…

My internet access is playing up… Well, most of Westnet is actually. The problem seems to be with some international sites, or most international sites. And given how international things are, this does have some interesting implications. Some Australian sites

The meeting this evening went fairly well – enough so that I was home just after 8pm. This is good. Some of the news from the meeting was not good, but that was to be expected. There is a facinating

I have a borning meeting at the local child care centre tonight – it is a pain but it is not really that bad. The meeting is on early so I hope not to be out too late. But we

Once againg the programming is not going as fast as I had hoped – other distractions. People wanting to talk to me, and needing my advice… and sending me orders. Not that I am complaining. It is just that I

One of my least favourite tasks is working on my tax. Thankfully the grunt work is done – the accounts are balanced and I just need to do some reports and write out my group certificate, and then get my