Bugger! I just have to say it again. Bugger. I have been searching for some connectors for some trackers I am getting in. I can buy the connectors in Australia for about $2.50 per connector. But the pins are extra, and cost about 10 cents each. And the connector uses 12 pins. Sure, I can use only the three pins I need, but I would rather put all in so that the wire does not pull out. Provides some more mechanical strength.

So I am seaching using the Google Toolbar… I normally add ‘Site:au’ to the end of the line… but this only works the first time you use the toolbar with google results… The Site:au goes missing from the top and only appears on the google page. So I did another search and found the connectors I wanted. They ended up being about $1.50 for 10 of the connectors. Pins are about another 20 cents. Great. Where is this company. USA. Ok. I can have them here in under a week.

Oh, But they do not ship internationally. Bugger!!! Canada is the only exception. Bugger. Ok… Where are they. Maybe I can get someone to pick them up and send them to me. Ahh… Santa Ana. BUGGER. I was there last year for the conference. BUGGER. BUGGER. BUGGER. BUGGER. What you need to realize that I do not know anyone who lives in Santa Ana in California.

But a very good friend of mine was there this time yesterday. We was driving through the place in a Taxi! 24 hours ago!!! BUGGER!

Hmm… Final check inside Australia. Ahh, Altronics has the connectors. PERFECT. Only $1.45 each with the pins. Still about five times the US price, but I can have them here tomorrow!