Unsecured access points can be a problem… they are a double edged sword… they allow other people to use your internet access – but on the other hand they allow you to use someone elses internet access. This is great if you are at a hotel that is charging US$10 per day for accecss.

So a guy in the USA has come up with a solution to this… He has created a rule for his access point where people who are recognised get one set of IP addresses, and others get a second set. And if people come from this second set of addresses, they have interesting things done to their internet experience. And the results need to be seen to be believed. They are hard to explain. He calls it the Upside-Down-Ternet rather than the internet. He takes any images on a www page and turns them upside down. Or makes them out of focus.

It does not stop browsing the net, just makes you realise that you are using someone elses resources. Please do check out the link as it is worth it.

Also news today is that JetStar is charging its new international pilots about $33K to be trained to fly their Airbus planes. They have decided to do this rather than forcing pilots to be trained to get a job, or be bonded to work for the company for some time. This might sound a lot until you recognise that they are getting about $180K per year once they are qualified.