I think I had too much caffene yesterday – rather than falling asleep immediately I kept waking up, and I was rather restless during the night. Note to self – do not drink so much coffee… I really love coffee, always have. But I do not tend to drink it at home, and yesterday I just had too much instant coffee… I will learn.

Another lesson – if you run a company that sells software that checks for spelling and grammar, make sure you cheque your owne presss releaze. Othewize u might find thingz are rathar embarrasing. Four Example, according two the BBC, a Kanadian Kompany selling sayd softwear. The release listed “the 16 million we (sic) pages it has spellchecked over the past year”. The press release listed words including “independent”, “accommodation” and “definitely”, which were spelled “independant”, “accomodation” and “definately”. As bad as my spelling is, I do not think I will be getting help from them!

Two pages… Firstly, the WikiPedia page for Oxford, and secondly, the English Heritage page for Stonehenge

Finally, Greenpeace has been prohibited by a french court from creatig a map of where the genetically modified crops are in france despite a EU ruling that this information must be publically released. So they have placed real life crop circle markers on the fields to mark them. Vandalism yes, but it shows ingenuity!