Month: July 2005

I had to go into the city for a meeting today, at short notice. It was a good meeting, and means that I can do some real work tomorrow… Maybe. We will need to see how it goes though. I

I have just been looking at Groklaw and laughing about the mess that SCO has got itself into. Basically they thought that they would find evidence that LINUX was infringing on their copyright, and could not believe it when they

I have just done my tax. It was fairly painless… I now have to write out my group certificate, and then send it in to the Tax Office. Fairly easy really. I thought things were going to be harder. If

There is an interesting article on the CSmonitor www site about American Airlines. And how they have asked their employees for ideas on how to save money. They have just made their first profit in 10 years… From the article,

I went to Richard’s today to work on the plane… Rather a good time actually. Almost nothing went wrong and things seemed to work. We did not do any riveting, but did a whole lot of other things – putting

Overnight I got a quote in for one of the pieces of work – this quote was about 50% of the previous quote, so it looks like I might have a winner. The price seems fair, and I am just

Today’s meeting went well – and dispite my fears it did not go all that long. I guess the meeting took about an hour, although it was somewhat late starting. Hopefully I will get some work out of this one.

Right now I am just sitting in my car typing this entry – waiting for a meeting. I have arrived quite early, and the others are running a bit later… So here comes a new entry. I love being able

I have a meeting this afternoon near the airport. I am not sure what time it will end – could be anywhere from 2:30pm to 7:30pm based on past experience. I will have to wait and see. I also have

It is bed time, but I have a project I want to work on and I need to research things. I am really out of my depth with some of this stuff. I asked for a quote from a programmer,

I have just requested some quotes for some programming work that I need done. I love the global environment. I have worked out what I need by doing a few hours programming. And now that I know enough I have

I have just got back from my meeting… It was good, although I needed to install some software after the meeting. That was a real pain. It seemed that everything went wrong trying to install things. This included WebSharing not

Yesterday I was out most of the day. Richard wanted to know if I wanted to build, and it seemed like a good idea. This was actually quite fun, just depending on what your definition of fun actually is. We

Today I am visiting Richard to work on the plane… A break from work, but it will be interspursed with work. Yesterday was a long day and this will be a good time to relax after it… Building is relaxing?

Just got home from the board meeting and the other meeting this morning… It has been a long day… Once again the meeting was at Darling Harbour which really is a beautiful setting. I went to Darling Harbour for lunch