It is bed time, but I have a project I want to work on and I need to research things. I am really out of my depth with some of this stuff. I asked for a quote from a programmer, and he thought that it might take him up to three months for what I want him to do. I think that a good programmer should be able to do it in a week, and that is at the longest. Still, I would take at least a month.

Tomorrow I might have another look at this and see if I can get anywhere. I have some ideas now, and I need to work out what is realistic. Given how long I have been out of some of this space it might take me far too long to be of use – then again it might take me a lot less than I thought too…

I saw a link to a new beer ad. This one is not being shown yet, but is creating a real buzz aparently. The ad looks cute… and I do not even drink. It is the style of ad that would not look out of place for British Airways, or Qantas… That should give you an idea of the style. Basically I am impressed.

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